Carroll Elementary Wins TXLA's Branding Iron Award for Book Breakfast

Carroll Elementary’s Book Breakfast was submitted for and recently won a Texas Library Association Branding Iron award for the “Special Events - School” category.

The Branding Iron award honors creative marketing and public relations activities and programs. Carroll Elementary was the only winner in this category and will receive a certificate signifying their award and have its program details published in the June 2022 issue of Texas Library Journal.

The Book Breakfast concept originated with former Royalwood Elementary principal Ms. Carrasco. Then it was brought to Carroll Elementary by current principal Ms. Benavides. Ms. Chacon, librarian at Carroll Elementary, expanded the idea to create a bookstore-like experience and ambiance for the students.

"Ms. Benavides brought the Book Breakfast idea to me, and I realized we could get more engagement and turn-out if it was an experience rather than just a lecture," said Ms. Chacon.

Students line up to pick their favorite book to share with their parents.

One grade level at a time, parents are invited to accompany their children to a light breakfast while Ms. Chacon shares literacy tips, tricks, and resources with all. "I curate the books based on students' interests so that they are always very excited and have a hard time choosing just one! Further, I change out my table decorations to create an ambiance and front-facing bookstore atmosphere" said Ms. Chacon.

North Channel Public Library also partners with Carroll Elementary for these events, and have community resources available. Parents can also sign up for an HCPL card on the spot.

"Recently, we had over 70 parents show up and 65 signed up for a HCPL library card! It's a great event to connect with the community and promote literacy at the same time," said Ms. Chacon.

More innovative programs are coming across the district. Sheldon Lake Elementary will have Coffee & Crafts starting April 4th - 8th. Parents of Sheldon Lake Elementary can register here to rsvp