Random Acts of Kindness Day Room at CE King Middle School Unveiled

Life Enhancements Services has teamed up with Houston Random Acts of Kindness Day, Inc., (HRAK) Founders, David and Treveia Dennis, and Sheldon ISD Education Foundation to provide a Random Acts of Kindness Day, Inc. “RAK Room” for C.E. King Middle School. 


The exciting new RAK Room is a student incentive-based school store created by Houston Random Acts of Kindness Day, Inc., in collaboration with community partners.  The RAK Room is a physical space designed as fun, colorful reward rooms where students can shop and purchase a variety of items, engage in a play station area, take a break from studies with a Tik Tok room, and participate in special events! 


Students can earn points for positive behavior, attendance, anti-bullying, academic achievement, random acts of kindness and other accomplishments, which can be used for RAK Room purchases and experiences. The RAK Rooms are designed to provide incentives to motivate students academically and socially by encouraging attendance, kindness, accountability, volunteering, philanthropy, engagement, appreciation, and participation. The rooms and incentives give students opportunities to engage, excel, and learn. We are excited to share it with the students of CE King Middle School!