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I am very excited to have the privilege to teach you this year. Science is a fun and exciting class, full of labs, activities, discussions, and projects.

You will be responsible for the care and use of various scientific equipment.  You are also expected to be on time for class, be prepared with all your supplies, participate in class discussions, and complete all assignments including homework (extended brainwork).  This will enable you to be successful as a young scientist.

So sit back and enjoy learning!!!       


Teacher Contact

Mr. Earnest Moore

Room: #406

Phone: 281-727-4300

Email: earnestmoore@sheldonisd.com, earnestmoore@apps.sheldonisd.com

Conference: 5th Period



Textbook/ Technology Resource:

We will use the Google Classroom to facilitate 21st century skills, and engage all learners. 

Students will use STEMscopes science and a digital copy of Science Fusion Texas Student Edition Textbook for 6th grade will be stored in the Google Classroom for home use.



Grading Policy

Academic Grades    Conduct Grades

A – 90-100                E – Excellent

B – 80-89                  S – Satisfactory

C – 70-79                  N – Needs Improvement

F – below 69             U – Unsatisfactory

Hello! I'm excited about teaching 6th grade Science this year, I got my Bachelors degree from Lamar University in Beaumont, TX and my Masters degree(s) from Grand Canyon University in Educational Leadership and Technology. I'll be coaching track this year. Go Panthers!